Automate & schedule Smart List Exports


  • Jordan Copestake

    Yes, agree with this suggestion! This would be a great feature for our management team to make use of.

    We'd like to be able to export or Sell data at midnight so we can clearly map out which Deals have been created/moved/amended/paid each day — it would also help us pick up mistakes or issues in our Custom Fields daily. There's also some stuff we'd like to automatically export weekly or monthly.


  • Marie Laurenza
    Zendesk Engineering

    Hello Stephanie and Jordan,

    Sell just launched our first dataset in Explore (Zendesk's advanced reporting tool) and it provides the ability to schedule exports! We are committed to continuing to expand the dataset that is available to be reported on within Explore as well. 

    If you have not already checked it out more information here (including how you can get access to Explore for Sell) and information on how to schedule exports within Explore here.



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