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    Rohan Gupta
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the feedback. We understand the pain when agents forget to log-off leading to missed calls in night and over the weekend. We are actively scoping a solution where agents gets logged-off when inactivity or missed calls. No timelines on it yet, may probably be sometime next year.

    For your use-case in the meantime, you call utilise the ability to set business hours per phone line and call overflow capabilities together. During the out of business hours, call can be overflowed to a night phone line having the night agents in a group. Here are more details on setting business hours. To note: call overflow may lead to additional charges per minute for the overflowed calls. More details here.

    This is not the ideal solution but hope it helps in the meantime.




  • Ben

    Hi Rohan,

    Thank you for your reply.

    The automatic log-off on inactivity or missed calls could be an improvement, depending on what it will work like once it's become available.

    The weird thing is that what your development team is working on apparently requires missed calls to work, when missed calls is precisely what we want to avoid. That is not exactly a solution. 

    What you propose for the meantime also does not work. We need the overflow for when our agents are occupied, also outside of office hours. To prevent missed calls the overflow must remain an actual overflow, not the first and final stop on the line.

    I'm sorry to say we can't keep working with this frustratingly rudimentary call solution messing up our SLA until "probably sometime next year", which could just as well turn out to be 14 months from now, while you guys work on something that doesn't even really solve anything for us.

    Thankfully there are call solutions from other parties that integrate with Zendesk, so we might find a proper solution that way.

    Kind regards,



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