Automatically bringing a ticket to the foreground



  • Andrei
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    Hi @...

    It depends on what is the UI where and how you want to see this info. 

    • In Views you can just add a column Next SLA Breach to see how much time is left to reply to the ticket inside SLA. Sort tickets in ascending Breach time and you can see most urgent on the top of the view. 
    • You can get notified about upcoming breaches via Email or into Slack using native Zendesk automation. But the limitation is that the minimum interval to check is 1 hr
    • To show pop notification without 1 hr limitation you need to develop a custom IT solution that will check all the upcoming SLA breaches in your tickets every X min. 
  • Thomas D'Hoe
    Community Moderator

    Hi Joshua,

    You can do the pop up notification with the notification app of Sweethawk:

    With this app you can set up notifications based on your Zendesk triggers. There is a user friendly interface to build all the notifications that you want!


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