End Users with Multiple Open Tickets



  • ZZ Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    That is a fun question. It looks like we can use the new aggregate functions here.

    Use the metric DCOUNT(Requesters) and filter by ticket status so that we are only looking at active tickets (OPEN, NEW,PENDING)

    Now create a custom attribute for our row to split the requester into buckets depending on the tickets they have. Best to use a Switch function.

    So you have something like this:

    To display as percentages, go to Results Manipulation>Result Path Calculation:

  • Danielle
    Zendesk Luminary

    @... Thank you so much for the response! This was very helpful. I have a particularly large data set, so it took some filtering to render results, but I was able to recreate!


  • Raphaël Péguet - Officers.fr

    ZZ Graeme Carmichael Thank you !! Nice tip, but don't you should add: Case 0: "0 Tickets"? Otherwise 0 would be in default which is very wrong


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