Percentage of Chats with First Reply Time < 3 minutes?



  • Marie-Cathrine
    Community Moderator

    Hi Nick,

    You can get the % of chats answered within 3 minutes this way:

    Step 1: Create a calculated metric

    The first step is to create a calculated metrics that give you the number of chats with a first reply time of less than 3 minutes.

    1. Go to Calculations > Standard calculated metric.
    2. Give the formula a name and past in the following:
      IF (VALUE(Chat first reply time (sec))<180) 
      THEN [Chat ID]
    3. Save the metric.

    If you want to do it for engagement first reply time, switch out Chat first reply time (sec) with Engagement first reply time (sec) in the formula.

    Step 2: Select metrics

    The next step is to select your metrics.

    1. First, select the newly created metric. Set the aggregator to D_COUNT.
    2. Secondly, select the metric Chats.

    Step 3: Select attributes

    Here you select the attributes that you want the metric(s) to be dived by. Put them in Rows. For Chat first reply time (sec) I would select Chat started - Date and for Engagement first reply time (sec) I would select Engagement - Date.

    Step 4: Display as % of total

    The last step is to display the percentage of chats answered within 3 minutes out of the total amount of chats.

    1. Go to Result manipulation > Result metric calculation.
    2. Add a new metric, give it a new and put in the following (remember to switch out the "name of your metric" with the actual name of your metric):
      D_COUNT(name of your metric)/COUNT(Chats)
    3. Select Clear used metrics if you only what the percentage to be shown.
    4. Click Add.
    5. Go to Chart configuration > Display format.
    6. Select % from the dropdown.
    7. You should now have a table that displays the percentage of chats answered within 3 minutes out of the total number of chats.

    I hope this helps :)

    #helpsome regards,
    Marie-Cathrine Sørensen
    Developer @


  • Nicholas Blake

    Worked like a charm! Thank you Marie-Cathrine!


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