Make resizable length of legend box in queries


  • Nicholas von Zenjob

    This would be greatly helpful, especially when reporting ticket categories which are deeply nested. 

  • Kai Schmitte

    Same here. 

    Legend needs to show with all values if I want to. 

  • Oliver Jackson

    Yeah, my legend is unreadable since I have a custom field I need data on, but the text strings are too long for Zendesk Explore. Not good at all. See below:



    Anything you can suggest here Zendesk? :-/

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Oliver,
    This has already been marked as a feedback and has already been brought to the attention of our Product Managers. As this post gains more engagement, it can definitely drive the demand for this feature as well.
    As a workaround, you can also try to consider using a much simple Visualization/Chart type that can show all the information you need.
  • Stephen


    Great to see feedback on this - I think this would be an excellent feature.

    I repeatedly get complaints that you need to scroll on the legend.

    Best regards,

  • Rob Lajeunesse

    Agree on this feature, this is table stakes.  


    Not sure Dane what you mean above by a "much simple" visualization/chart type, that's not really a workaround, it's forcing users to leverage a different visual (which you all call out in the article that the charts are best for specific data comparisons) to see the legend.  Not a great experience.

  • Kai Schmitte

    Dane: How would I report on data with a long "name"? 

    Currently I need a 14-month review of Ticket Subjects (they have long, descriptive names) as a stacked bar. Even the Top5 version cuts 2-3 descriptions...


  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Kai,
    If your main goal is to have an overview of the subjects, it will be better if you just use Table format.
  • Kai Schmitte


    thanks for the reply. 

    The aim is to have a stacked column with the top 5 ticket subjects for the last 14 months to see if the distribution of ticket subject changes. 

    I just want to be able to see and read the full legend - and to show the graphics to management without the need to copy&paste the missing parts from the legend...

    Means: as soon as I need a table, Zendesk Explore will be completely useless and I need to switch to a real business analysis tool. 



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