Zendesk Messenger/Support chat shortcuts



  • Raymond Handoko

    Hi Phil Andrews, thank you for the feedback!

    Thank you for sharing your insights with us as well during our user interview last October. We have taken your feedback into consideration in our plans to improve the chat shortcuts experience. 


  • Knut Roger

    I just wanted to chime in, saying that having the text shortcuts (/ "shortcut") from Chat in the other areas of Agent Workspace, such as e-mail replies, would be amazing. 
    Using macros is a good solution for a lot of things, but being able to supplement the answer text with a selection of easy-to-access pre-defined phrases, would be a very welcome addition to the Zendesk Support experience.

    - Roger

  • Gorden Bradly

    I only join there and also in the name of my agent, that the shortcuts are to be used not only in the chat but also with the e-mails.
    The shortcuts can also be put together with en macros, this would make editing, for the admins, much easier when changes need to be made in the text module.


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