Messaging: Allow agents to request satisfaction ratings


  • Aashley Malsbury

    We just switched our account to messaging and the loss of this feature has been the number one complaint thus far. 

  • Daniel

    This is an issue for me now that I've taken on Messaging. Is the only way to get CSAT score through the ticket associated with the chat?

  • Daniel

    Just to update this, I've noticed we have a trigger to request CSAT when a Messaging chat is set to solved (I don't remember setting this up myself so must be out of the box?). The only real difference is that the trigger fires as soon as we set to solve rather than when an agent sends a request. I'd argue this is actually fairer as agents choosing when to ask for feedback (more importantly when not to) could give a less than true result.

    The trigger is very simple


    Status >Changed to>Solved



    Request messaging rating>(requester)


    What I can't say for sure if "messaging rating" is the same survey as {{satisfaction.rating_section}} which is sent via automations after a support ticket is solved. Currently there's no "messaging" dashboard like the old Chat one to compare, only a filter for messaging as a channel on the Support dashboard.

    Are there any articles that explain this in detail?


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