Chat Visitor ID in Explore



  • Sarah Darmawan
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Stephen, you can currently view past customer interactions in the Agent Workspace (AW) when their requests come in. However, across different channel interactions, their profiles will need to be proactively merged/updated to view a true unified view of all interactions. Learn more about the customer context panel on AW here: Viewing customer context in a ticket

    We don't have any plans to make this available in Explore in the next year.

    To view the multiple interactions in the past in an aggregated format, you may consider using our Incremental APIs to export Chats.

    The need to get a 360 view on your customers is valid, and we keep a lookout to similar requests on the forum when we are building our product roadmap.

  • CJ Johnson

    I would very much like this feature as well. Since this is a feature request, could this not be marked "answered"? 


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