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  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Stacy,

    Thanks for sharing your great feedback around CSAT options. Currently, Zendesk only offers good/bad CSAT options in tickets and also in chat. We understand some customers like yourself want some more customisation options to the CSAT survey. There are some early exploratory work happening in 2022 around CSAT across channels but it is too early to say what the changes will be.

    Things that you can do and try now are the following:

    1. You can look at the survey apps/partners we have in the marketplace, like SurveyPal and NiceReply. This would mean you would use their tools to track CSAT or NPS and you can choose to remove the thumbs from the widget by using the Javascript API

    2. If you are thinking of building a custom widget, you can use the Web SDK and make a custom rating UI that includes more options and sends tags on the chat based on the option selected. You could then build custom reporting in Explore around the tags on the chat/ticket

    3. If you are not using agent workspace, you can look at using a combination of shortcuts with options and a trigger that looks at the message of the option selected by the end user and applies a tag. Then, you report on the CSAT rating based on the tags used. 

    Hope that helps,



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