Changing Incoming Email Font



  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Jimmy, and welcome!

    By default, Zendesk uses the HTML part of an in-bound email to create tickets and comments. This means that any rich content in emails is retained and displayed in tickets (including, as I suspect in this case, the font). I'd guess that the form on your website is a custom-built form that emails Zendesk (as opposed to creating a ticket in Zendesk via our API).

    You can view the original email received by Zendesk using the instructions here: Viewing and downloading the original email for a ticket. If you see the Courier font specified there, then you'll want to update what your form sends Zendesk (or change it to create tickets via our API). If that's not the case, then some deeper troubleshooting may be required – in that case, I'd recommend contacting our support team Contacting Zendesk Customer Support


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