Zendesk Ticket Deletes Response Before Finished with Response



  • Mackenzie Tyler
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Elaina,

    Thanks for reaching out! I can definitely see how having your text disappear as you type would be a less than stellar experience. For some additional context, is your team currently using the Zendesk Agent Workspace? If so, I would recommend enabling the composer fix. We've found that this fix resolves most issues related to unsupported characters and interference from certain browser extensions that edit content, such as Grammarly. 

    To enable the composer fix, click the Admin icon in the sidebar, then select Settings > Agents. In the Agent workspace section, check the box for Enable fix for composer, then click Save.

    If your team is still running into sporadic issues after enabling this setting, have the impacted agents clear cache and cookies and disable apps and extensions on their browsers to see if they notice any improvement. I hope this helps!


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