Forwarding tickets with attachments to external business partners



  • Thomas
    Community Moderator

    Zendesk has the Collaboration AddOn which contains Side Conversations to escalate tickets (and contents) to external partners.

  • MENARD Denis



    We tested this option, but result is not great. Our externals need for example to see who sent the mail (mail address) and not name as it it in  side conversation.. 

    How can we change this in side conversation?


  • Juraj Jarmek

    Hello @...,

    In the Zendesk instance we can easily see the email when we simply hover over the name:


    In the external email, however, this is masked for two reasons:

    1. So that the side conversations/tickets can get threaded in the correct ticket.

    2. So the email of the agent does not get spammed by external requests.


    If you want to have a workaround for this, agents can show their emails in the signature, but just note their email will be visible in all the tickets, including the non-side-conversations.


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