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    Neil Weldon
    Zendesk Product Manager

    May 24, 2023 Update:

    Thank you for the question community. As part of Zendesk's new omnichannel routing, needs around priority based routing is being addressed. I encourage you to take a look at its offering and to the extent it does not address your needs, please post your questions and we will look over them.



    Thanks for the feedback Darren Kurtz.  We have received similar feedback before related to the ordering of the groups and ordering of agents with the groups as well. We've no immediate plans to change this in the short-term but the exciting news is that we are working on new routing capabilities across all channels. If I limit this explanation to Talk then initially we'll allow you to run triggers on the call tickets before they have been offered to agents - based on ticket criteria you'll be able to set the group and priority. We will then be adding skills based routing so think of a designate group where we are looking for an agent with the necessary skills match.  And as part of the routing rules we're looking at offering the calls to a primary group for a set amount of time before then moving on to the next group and so on. You start to see this coming to you in 1H of 2022.

  • Sydney Neubauer

    Neil Weldon will these capabilities be available in all interfaces or only Agent Workspace?

  • Neil Weldon
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Sydney Neubauer

    Good question. Part of what we are doing in this area includes unifying agent states across the channel and improving the agent experience to have a single place for managing state (including on Support). This will also allow you to create custom agent states. All of these capabilities will reside in the Agent Workspace as part of the ongoing initiative in delivering the best possible solution for our customers and their agents. 



  • Steven Peters

    Any updates on this feature?

    Not having the ability to route calls to certain individuals or groups outside of the main group is a real problem for me.


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