Reporting on Follow-up tickets


  • Brad Wade

    Agree with Sally.  This would be great to have for analysis, for coaching, for improving customer experience to know if there are any existing trends in which end users are responding after cases have been closed.  As she stated above, we can only see that a follow up was created, not how many or what the follow up ticket number is.

  • Joe Jacob

    Adding my +1 to this. Would be a gamechanger when it comes to identifying trends to reduce follow-ups.

  • Dermatica Ltd

    Adding my support to this. In our organisation, we receive quite a lot of follow ups a month or so after the initial contact, which we actually want, however I've no idea on how to validate this using a report.

    Being able to get an average follow up ticket creation from when the original was solved would be really useful.

  • Andrew Chu

    Upvoted it, looking for basically the same thing

  • Trina

    This would be great to have! It's like the same reporting issue I've upvoted regarding parent/child tickets (or rather the linked problem tickets to an incident ticket). I have to run two reports and then merge them into an excel file where I can do a vlookup to see which problem tickets are linked to an incident ticket. Would much rather have this be available in a single report. :)

  • Jagan

    Hi Zendesk,

    Any update on this? How do we get to know the Child/Parent ticket ids for Follow up ticket scenario?


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