Messaging triggers and conditions


  • Robert Kresser

    I have the same issue. Would be very important if this getting solved or if there is a work around! 

  • Leo Medalla

    The New messaging is great but did not include this option on its trigger conditions.

  • Toshihiko Kodama

    I completely agree.
    I would like to see the trigger conditions and actions that can be set in Messaging Chat expanded to the same level as those in Support.

    *) I have heard the following from a Zendesk support representative.

    1. I would like to make API requests at the timing when a Messaging Chat user posts a message, but to achieve this, I currently need to develop a Zendesk app using the Zendesk Apps Framework (ZAF)
    2. there are plans to expand Messaging Chat trigger conditions/actions in the future.

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