Will Explore include actual ticket comments?

Not planned


  • Taylor

    We used to be able to build reports and pull comments in Salesforce with the new updates to Salesforce/ZD we are no longer able to do this and pushed into using Explore. But the above is the most basic and required functionality we need in these reports. 

     Is pulling comments in the works or is there any way we can at least get back the Salesforce reporting? 

  • Jennifer Landry

    I agree, this is a necessity! While I understand it is overwhelming magnitude of data that needs to be parsed, these reports, as they currently function, are really only useful for "number" metrics and nothing else, such as the needs of "Voice of Customer". Please consider this as an addition to your product roadmap in the very near future.

  • Tyler Tew

    As with everyone else in the comments, I agree that this really needs to be implemented. It would give us significantly more options for reporting.

    From what users are saying to how agents are responding, comment details could provide a great deal of insight.

  • meowthhax

    If you will providie us ticket options then our team can fix the issues raised by clients as it will be alternatives too.

  • PT Dadlani

    Can someone provide a timeline on this?  Having access to comments allows for more meaningful reporting - especially if you can pull a report on specific comments - such as all that use a particular macro.  Please advise.

  • Lisa Le Lem

    +1  could anybody from the Explore Team please give an update about this? 


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