[Zendesk Talk] Option to Upload a "Holiday" Outside Schedule Voicemail



  • Gerardo

    Agree with everyone, an extra option voicemessages for holidays. 

  • Ease

    Like the others, this has been brutal for us as well. 

    I was considering a workaround of using a separate "Holiday IVR" and having that IVR be the holiday specific message with only 1 option to press 1 to continue, and then having that dump to our various lines/existing IVRs... That way I was planning to only update the primary IVR for each line. Has anyone tried something similar? 

  • Andrew Sarver

    The fact that ZenDesk has not included this extremely basic feature to provide the best service for their customers is really disappointing.  It's hard to imagine such a basic feature, being requested for 3 years, and those requests being ignored. 

    I've never worked with a phone system that didn't have the ability to set custom greetings for holidays in advance. 

    The last thing I want to do on Monday is get up on my day off and change the voicemail greeting in ZenDesk to reflect the Memorial Day Holiday.  

    Please add this feature ASAP so that we can take a true day off ZenDesk!

  • IT Admin

    It's crazy that I have to run numbers through Microsoft Teams just to be able to set Holidays in advance so that I don't have to do it on my weekend. This feature seems like a no-brainer and I hope that you reevaluate it in the near future.


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