• Nikita Zdanov

    Hi Adam,

    The Sell <> Support Integration got revamped:

    1. You can see all tickets related to a lead or contact (not just Open Tickets) in the Tickets Widget on lead/contact cards.

    2. The ticket sync is vastly improved and you will now be able to see all ticket history activity on the lead/contact card.

    3. Sell users can CREATE Support Tickets directly from the lead/contact card in the Tickets Widget.

    4. Phone numbers are also used now to match tickets to objects in Sell.


  • Nikita Zdanov

    Great to hear it, Adam!

    As part of the revamp, we rebuilt the foundation of the integration - meaning it will be easier for us to continue improving it. Please be on the lookout as we focus on making the integration even better in the coming quarters!


  • Annie Mishra

    Well, The new addition is so interesting in Zendesk. The Amendment which I feel better than in the previous  Zendesk Agent Workspace is available for the Support Team, Professional, and Enterprise. To Link Support team, Professionals and Enterprise on same place is a great job from it.

  • Walter

    1. Zendesk Chat: Zendesk Chat has released new features and improvements to help you better engage with customers. These include a new customizable chat window, a real-time typing indicator, and the ability to view customer browsing history.

    2. Zendesk Explore: Zendesk Explore has been updated with improved performance and scalability. It now includes more flexible query options, faster query execution, and better visualization capabilities.

    3. Zendesk Sunshine: Zendesk Sunshine now allows you to quickly query and analyze customer data across multiple sources. It also includes enhanced data access control, better scalability, and improved performance.

    4. Zendesk Support: Zendesk Support has released several new features, including a new ticket view, automated ticket routing, and the ability to track customer feedback. It also includes improved performance and scalability.


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