Mark answer as correct or best answer


  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Gabriel -

    We're happy to answer your questions!

    There is not currently an out of the box function that allows you to mark which comment in a thread is the answer. However, this is something that we do want to be able to do here in the Zendesk community as well, so we're looking into how we might customize our theme to enable this functionality. We'll follow up here if and when we get that customization figured out.

  • Gabriel

    Thanks Nicole. I find this feature vital as we want to make sure we recognise those giving best answers and make it easy for the wider community to identity what answer they should trust the most. 

    Please keep me updated if you guys decide to develop this. 


  • Gabriel

    I see you have an official response feature, so in fact it should not be too difficult to replicate it and create a best answer feature :P

  • Paula

    Hi Nicole Saunders!

    Two years later. Has there been any movement on this topic? Has it make it into the roadmap by any chance?

  • Teresa Peluso

    +1 on this one.  Questions need answers that members can see (and mark as such), at least allow moderators to set it. Paula - i'm with you. 

  • Sebastian Toro

    Hello, Nicole Saunders. Since you mentioned on 2020 that this is a feature that you wanted to have in the Community app, I wanted to know if this is already possible?


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