Auto Logout from Talk (Agent forgets to logoff at end of shift)



  • Adrian Bishop

    Hi, great this is now in the roadmap as we get a lot of complaints about this, do you know when it will be deployed?

    Currently, only Admin can override Talk status if somebody goes offline.

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Adrian,

    No specific dates to provide currently. I would recommend following our Announcements page as any updates will be added there.


  • Juan Battini

    We're also running into this and it's throwing off our metrics on Explore. If a similar feature is already implemented in Chat (agent is set to away after x consecutive missed chats) why can't the same be done for Talk 

  • Whitney Votaw

    Please! We neeeeeeed this. :(

    Can you imagine calling somewhere with an urgent issue (we're healthcare, so every caller could have an issue impacting patient care) to find out you spent a good portion of your wait time ringing an agent who isn't even at work?

    Relying on Agents to sign themselves off is sure to be a problem at some point but completely avoidable via automation. Managing agents on something like this is also a lot of work for Admins whose time is likely better spent aiding Agents or customers in other ways.

    I personally see this feature in these types of formats, with the bold ones being most important:

    • auto-sign off after ____ minutes of Zendesk Support inactivity -AND-
    • auto-sign off after ____ missed call(s) -AND-
    • prompt before closing tab that says "Change status to 'Offline'?" (similar to Zendesk Support if attempting to close a tab before you have saved progress on a ticket) -OR-
    • At minimum, (for Admins) Apply 'Offline' status to agents in bulk
  • Whitney Votaw


    Are there any updates on this? 

  • Volkan Akdugan
    Zendesk Product Manager
    Hi everyone,

    I know this has been requested by many of our customers for a long time. I have good news, however. We have positioned agent auto-logout as part of an omni-channel effort that aims to unify and align agent statuses across Zendesk channels, as well as allow defining custom agent statuses. Accordingly, the new feature will apply across channels, not only Talk or any other.
  • Ash

    @... that is fantastic! what is the ETA for this rollout? =)

    i am very excited for this change!

  • Anne-Flore Caire

    @... When can we expect this delivery?

  • Tammas Ryan

    Hi there, 

    Any update on this feature? Something like this so if agents close their laptops or miss x number of calls in a row they are automatically made 'offline' is so important. 

    Has there been any progress made on implementing this feature?

  • Sydney Neubauer

    Volkan Akdugan

    "any account that will opt-in to the new unified agent statuses will also get this capability in Agent Workspace"

    When you say that when you opt-in to unified Agent status, you will also get this capability in Agent workspace, does that mean that this is applied to all Support instances and not just where Agent Workspace is enabled?

  • Volkan Akdugan
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Sydney Neubauer,

    To clarify, Unified Agent Status will only be available to Agent Workspace customers.

  • Belén Pérez


    When will we see this development in Zendesk? I´ve read that it was going to be implemented but as far as I´ve seen, it´s not yet.

    Thanks in advance,



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