Share dashboards without notification


  • Monica

    +1  Having to share to be able to save can be a hinderance when you don't want to announce to the team your in progress dashboard.

  • Walter Bellante
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi @...,
    thanks for sharing your feedback about sharing dashboards.

    For enterprise customers only, it is possible to create a shareable link that can be shared without anyone getting notified via email.
    You can find more details about how to use it here 


  • Mark Powell


    Thanks Walter.
    Shareable links doesn't meet our use case unfortunately.

    We need staff to be able to log into Explore and see the dashboards they have access to (like Insights).

  • Katie Yoder

    +1 for me.  My entire team should have access to our dashboard but they do not want or need email updates every time I publish changes.  I am also the only person that requires a scheduled delivery email.  
    As the manager of our dashboard, I am now forced to decide to make the dashboard private, or spam my team.

  • CJ Johnson

    Agreed, this makes sharing a report with a group a nightmare, as every single person in the group will get an email, that you cannot even customize to make it clear why you are sharing it with them. I don't want to send 50 people a canned email every time I make a new dashboard, I just want them to have access to a resource, should they need it. Also, the email has a link "Here are some helpful items for your journey.", the "helpful items" link, literally just drops the person on, not even anything Explore related.  It's frustrating to have the only option be to send them a bunch of emails they don't need or want and that have bad links on top of that. 

  • Elizabeth Reynolds

    I need to be able to make dashboards available for folks to find when they need them without spamming my whole organization.  The only option I can see right now is to make a whole bunch extra groups for different subsets of people in our current groups in order to at least limit the spam.  I really hate that option.

  • Tim G

    This keeps getting me into trouble with my company too - really need a way to be able to say 'don't email an invite' please 🙂


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