Sending a Scheduled Query in Explore


  • MarketSpark

    Another vote for this functionality. I would think that this would benefit a large number of your customers, they just don't know this thread exists to add their voice to the conversation.

    I really hope the Product team reconsiders.

  • Mary Paez

    When an agent report is created in Explore, we cannot schedule a monthly report to be sent to each agent to remind them to 1) verify their articles with a list of those articles or 2) publish all the draft articles they own.  This is a necessary report. Will this functionality be added to Explore?


  • Tainá Val

    I would love to see this added as well!

    I use dashboards for overview of the support, while some reports that I need are super detailed. It doesn’t make sense to create a dashboard for only one query. 


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