Get keyword data that user search in Help Center or Answerbot on Explore


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    Orsolya Forster
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Kariyasu Mao and all,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. The current dataset has insights about searches leading to article clicks, see the bottom table in the Guide search dashboard in Explore. I understand that this query is slightly different from what you're asking; the table gives you your top clicked articles. Take a look at it, as it can also give you useful insights about the connection between search and article clicks.

    We'll look into your request, namely seeing which keywords led to a particular article, and I will update this thread once we included it in our plans.



  • Aaron Hill

    We would also like to know this info.  The content entered by the user could drastically increase our Answer Bot success rate.  



  • Jessica

    +1 for this feature request.

  • David

    Me too! I'm reluctant to invest the time in configuring complex flows using Answer Bot for Messaging if we can't use real conversation data as the basis first.

  • 金山敬

    Instant Searchデータの取得をできるようにしてほしいです(可能であればGoogleアナリティクスでもデータを見れるようにしてほしいです)

    現在、「&query=●●」で計測できる検索行動は分析できるのですが、Instant Searchのユーザー行動が分析できません。



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