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    Eugene Orman
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone, 

    Thank you for showing such a great interest in the percentile feature. It is on our radar, but we haven't included it on our 9-months roadmap. We understand the importance of the percentiles and will work on bringing this feature into Explore, but we need to finalise a few other projects first. 

    Please continue voting and living your comments here, this will help us prioritise this feature. 

  • Job Thomas

    💯 it's odd that this is missing as an option

  • Fernando Borcel


    Bump! This is a much needed feature. We measure SLA as a function of percentile (80% of cases solved in < XX hours).

  • Kyle O.


    My favorite report takes different percentiles of response times at factors of 10. It's my favorite way to determine how widespread a problem is.

  • Simone Pace


    It was possible to do this with GoodData but not anymore in Explore.

  • Chris Wilson

    +1!  This is VERY much needed, especially when looking at datasets that are very different between Median and Averages.

  • Armando Romo

    I can't believe Zendesk doesn't have this. We're reverting back to Google Sheets.

  • katie duck

    +1, would really love to have this option

  • Sean Nelson

    +1 - Could really use the percentile calculation, very important for key metrics of ours

  • Antonio

    +1! We also need to know that 95% of our tickets are answered within X minutes or hours. 

  • Garry Robles

    Same as all the above! WE NEED this function. BUMP BUMP BUMP

  • Jørgen Koren Sivesind

    Any news on this?

  • Daiana Cordoba

    +1! Really need to be able to use the percentile calculation. Median is great but 90th or 80th percentile are a must have as well

  • Marcel

    Hi there, any news on this feature?

  • CJ Johnson

    Hey Zendesk, can we get this not marked "Answered" as it is an active feature request? 

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey CJ,
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I've updated the tag as I think it was supposed to be marked as planned instead of Answered. I've also messaged the product manager to see if we have any other update to share.
  • Eugene Orman
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Huge thank you to everyone for sharing their feedback here.

    Percentiles are on our radar but we haven't added them to our short-term roadmap yet. We will post an update here when we will find a spot for this work on our roadmap.

  • CJ Johnson

    Eugene Orman Can you help me understand why this is marked planned if the only updates are that you aren't considering this any time soon and it's never been on the roadmap? What does the tag "Planned" indicate? 

  • Refael

    Percentiles are much needed feature here.
    SLAs and SLOs are usually including them as some tickets maybe be outside of the SLA norm - the question is - how many? 

    can we get this feature actually be in our roadmap and not just "planned" ?



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