Would like to have Page Visits/Views included in Explore


  • Carrie Doring

    +1 to this request!  I want to specifically call out how important it is to my business to be able to see views of our home page.  I would like to use this data to figure out how many users come to the site, and then how many then interact with FlowBuilder and how many link out to view articles.  Having access to this data that defines our user journey through the site will be very helpful to understand where we need to commit resources to improve our self-help options.

  • Orsolya Forster
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Al Hopper Carrie Doring not sure if this is what you're looking for but article views are trackable in the Guide dataset in Explore.

    We don't show where these views come from, i.e. Flowbuilder or other channels, but maybe you find it still useful.


  • Carrie Doring

    Thanks Orsolya Forster!  I do use the article views available in Explore to track what my customers are viewing.  What would be helpful is to be able to get metrics on other pages, like the home page or the forums topics page.  We do use Adobe Analytics for this data, but not all Zendesk customers have access to external data analytics packages like this.

  • Aaron Miller

    Hello all, just wanted to add that we would also like to be able to report on the number of visits to our landing page.  The metrics feel incomplete without this.


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