Allow time zone to be set on the dashboard level


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    Walter Bellante
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone,
    thank you all for sharing how you work with dashboards across different time zones.
    I understand you and your colleagues are working across different countries and having reports displayed differently might cause some inconsistencies.

    While this isn't something we have in the next 9 months roadmap , this feedback will be valuable to plan what comes next.

    I will keep you posted here for any update to our current plan.

  • Greg Szydlo

    This is also important for my organisation where we have sites in GMT, EST and PST, where reports should all be standardised to EST. The ability to change TZ per query is crucial for accurate reporting and I would welcome implementing of this feature very much.

  • Greg Priante

    We would like to see this as well. Our worldwide help desk staff is managed out of the US and we run regional reports on a monthly basis. When running reports everything shows up as US EST time zone instead of the local regional time zones and we have to manually modify the reports for management in an excel sheet every month. One example is we track what time the most calls come in, when looking at what time calls come in for Asia it shows 8PM to 5am as its adjusting the report to show the times in US EST time zone which does not help us evaluate when the local staff in Asia is seeing the highest call volumes without us manually adjusting it or granting additional permissions to agents and asking someone in each region to run reports then send us copies. 

  • Greg Szydlo

    Hey Zendesk, can we get a reply or at least an acknowledgement here?

  • Colin Greene

    This would be an amazing addition to the explore feature.

    Similar to the post above we have staff across multiple regions, Ire, UK, Aus, USA, Ger & Fin. Trying to get a full view of the day to day metrics for our agents is quite difficult due to the nature of explore at present and the requirement for our profile timezone to be updated depending on what team/agents we are viewing metrics on ( this is mainly for agents residing in the USA & Aus ). This process is just very cumbersome and also impacts on scheduled reports we have that display to the wider company.

    Ideally we would want the dashes we build to display their metrics based the agents timezone and as such display accurate information. 

    E.g At present if we view an agents stats who resides in the US their call closure stats are split across two days due to the time difference.

    As we continue to scale this is going to become a bigger and bigger issue for us so assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Kelsey Davis

    I have the same use case as the couple of comments above. Also hard to define when a 'week' starts and finishes as Sunday in the UK is Monday in NZ and therefore spanning/overlapping 2 different weeks. 


    I would really love this feature as well and think it would be very a valuable Explore feature.

  • sodikin

    I think as a global company, this feature should be Basic for Zendesk

  • Jennifer Ko

    Agree, we are a global company and this feature is absolute very useful.

  • Eric

    This is becoming a big issue for our reporting due to agents in different time zones. 

  • Sarah Anscombe

    The timestamps in the tickets is not matching up with that in the reports, depending on who runs them.

    Makes it difficult to marry up the data.

    Would be helpful if we could choose the timezone.

  • Tamir Atar

    this is needed for my group as well, as agents from different TZs are \pulling reports and the data don't line up

  • Konstantin Annikov

    Pain point for our company as well. 

    We are recording backlog for the agents, and backlog differs depending on who is looking at it. 

    Simple example: 

    An agent is in GMT+0, he is working Mon-Fri, 9-18. We are capturing backlog at 19:00 (agent's time) every day. Tickets are assigned to all agents 9-18 daily (including sat and sun)

    This agent has all tickets closed at 19:00 for the whole week (Mon-Fri). The agent looks at the dashboard and all is good for him. Side note: Sat and Sun are excluded from the dashboard.

    But a manager is working in GMT+10. When it is Sunday for agent, and backlog is excluded for him, for his manager it is Monday already, so backlog is included in the dashboard. 

    So, the pain point: the manager thinks that the agent has a huge backlog (as agent's Sunday is included in manager's dashboard), but the agent actually does not have it. 


  • Grace Chen

    same here.  would be great to have the option.

  • Chris Murray

    Definitely need the ability for all reporting to be in one timezone while agents have the ability to see their day-day ticket/chat work in their own timezones.

  • Chao Song

    For any global company, there must be a global dashboard that allows all the people to see the same thing. 

  • Andras Guseo

    +1 on this (even though I don't have much faith in the Zendesk dev team to implement this, just like they are not implementing other features that the community has been requesting for years. I do hope I'm wrong though.)

  • 000000 Danjoint

    We have offices and team members in 5 different countries, let alone just the time zones across the US. I'm surprised this wasn't built to reflect UTC.

  • Audrey Ann Cipriano
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jamie, I checked with our product team and this feature is not what we are looking at at the moment. Sorry for this current limitation, we appreciate your feedback and our product teams will keep you posted once this has been added to our roadmap. Thanks! 

  • Martin Carew

    This should be an as standard feature. Every device known to man using Javascript can convert a time stamp to show in the users local time. Why is this not standard practice for such a global company as Zendesk? We struggle to understand why our users (both agents and customers) would EVER want to see their ticket times and responses etc in Canadian Mountain Time. Its irrelevant to them and involves having to know what time of year it is to know how many hours to add or subtract. JJS has this built into it and will even format the date to suit the locale. Its like 3 lines of code.


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