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  • Angela Falbo

    Is there a response for this?

  • Jared Maltz

    Angela Falbo unfortunately, Zendesk (looping in some team members - Brett Bowser @... @...) has been radio silent on this. I wouldn't expect something anytime soon.

  • Jakub Tutaj
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you for mentioning me. You are correct in that there are no current plans for improvements around associated contacts. I'd love to learn more specifics, and keep refining what value are you seeking for though, to make it more likely to address it in the future. 


    Jared Maltz, Angela Falbo can you share a little bit more about your use cases?

    Few details I'm interested about:


    1. Filtering – when do you need to filter deals by a given associated, not primary contact on a smart list? If you could do that, what happens next in your workflow? How often this need occurs? 
    2. Exports – what's your ideal end-to-end scenario, what should next happen with exported associated contacts per deal in external systems? 
    3. Zapier –  how the whole workflow looks like? How would you like to identify who should become associated contact, before assigning it to a deal? 


    1. Can you share what are your end-to-end workflows, needs? 



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