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    Devan La Spisa
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hello everyone,

    We want to announce that this product feature is now live and a part of Gather! Thanks to everyone who helped drive us to this launch with your feedback, testing, and suggestions. If you have any feedback on this or features unique to Gather, please feel free to post in our new Gather Product Feedback forum. For more information on this live feature, feel free to look into this article detailing all of the new features and capabilities!

    Gather Product Feedback

    Announcing Zendesk Gather

    Best regards!

  • Andrea Saez

    Hi Emily,

    The new Community in HC will be launched soon. I'm sure there will be a post about it :) Keep your eyes open!

  • Emily McDaniel

    Ah ha okay! Thanks for the reply.

  • Brian Kincaid

    I have recently taken on the task of moderating our Community and was required to "follow" about 300 topics that we had migrated over to the new HC in order to watch the activity.   I am not aware of a system feature that allows a user (or admin) to request they be emailed for "all new topics" or "all new comments" or "notified for all activity" so that the process is simple.  I'm looking forward to some improvements so that we can drive more people into our site on a more regular basis.  

  • LauraOwner


    You're right there is no feature to automatically notify a specific person (or set of people) about new content in the Community. The closest would be subscribing a dedicated email address to all topics, which I realize is not easy. You might be able to automate this using the API:, though I haven't looked too deeply into this. 

    Apart from that, this is something the Product team will address along with other Community improvements. 


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