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  • Mike Davis

    Great suggestion, Rona! Couldn't agree more. Would be a great add-on for sure.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for sharing this feedback, Rona. If others are interested in this feature, please be sure to up-vote Rona's post, and if you have any additional thoughts, share them in the comments. This helps our product managers gauge interest and prioritize high-demand features. 

  • Rona Yang

    Here is another reason why having triggers based on community metrics is great - JIRA does a great job of this, I haven't posted in a while so they send me a reminder to post something!

    I wish I would have know that JIRA has this feature and Zendesk doesn't. 


    Please upvote this everyone - I'm sure we can all think of great use cases to have rule based triggers in the community just like we do for ZD support. 



  • Gabriel

    Great idea, just upvoted. 

  • Rachael Lewis

    I need this too!  I just upvoted as well.


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