Converting community posts into tickets


  • Timur

    Hi Dear Zendesk community.
    As I understand, there is no way right now to create a ticket automatically when comments are posted.
    Doing this manually is really taking time from our support agents.
    We want to receive all the tickets in one channel.
    Added the same comment in feature request.
    If you have any workaround on how we can realize this, I will be super thankful for your advice.
    I even tried to create 2 mailboxes and use next schema 1st mailbox is subscribed for an article and comments and have redirection to 2nd mailbox, 2nd mailbox have a redirection to Zendesk main email address but looks like this is not gong to work, since notification are being sent for the same Zendesk domain.

    Warm regards,

  • Luke Tyhurst

    Kasper Sørensen Do we have an update adding automation/ticket features to forum/community posts? I've been experimenting with Zoho Desk as well and they have a great system with Forum Posts where each forum post is a ticket on the agent side. When the agent replies to the ticket, it replies to the forum post. We really need that functionality in Zendesk so community posts don't go unnoticed.

    A fairly easy workaround for users on your end would be to add Community triggers/actions to Zapier matching your Posts/Post Comments API endpoints. This could theoretically be done with a webhook, but it would be really appreciated if Zapier devs could create a workaround for those of us that want to utilize the community feature in Zendesk. From experience, it's a pretty standard feature in other systems, so it's disappointing that Zendesk doesn't already have this functionality.

  • Kasper Sørensen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all,

    Wanted to provide an update to this thread. In terms of an out-of-the-box solution, this is still not on our roadmap. But we are working on publishing events from the community into the Zendesk Integration Services. This will allow customizations that "listen" for changes (such as new posts) and make it possible to take action on this - for example to create a ticket automatically. 


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