Super Admin app - official feature request thread


  • Andreas Ramstad

    I request that this app is free for Enterprise customers

  • Maggie St.Clair

    This app is great and is saving me a few ours of work each month by being able to quickly update tags on end-users in mass quantities. The one thing missing that would be super helpful for me would be to have Organization(s) be an available field to see on the end-user side. All of our end-users are supposed to be in at least one org but that sometimes gets missed. This means they don't have access to some of our content as we have permissions set for users in certain orgs. Being able to see it here would allow me to easily find those users and fix without having to get someone to pull this info using the APIs.  

  • Conor Murphy

    Loving the app so far. Couple of things I've noticed with it. I searched an agent that had a "-" in their name and there were no results returned, yet the agent existed in the instance. 

    Another thing I would like is the ability to have a model or list populated of the agents/end users selected. My use case was tagging a subset of agents and end users with a specific tag. I had to search for the end users specifically which was fine, but once I checked the box and then moved to another end user, even though that end user was captured in the back end, I had no visibility on who I had selected. As the list grew bigger, it's harder to see anyone you missed. The only way you know is when you choose Edit End Users box, there is a sum total of the users you selected, but no list of who they may be. I found that I had to go back to my sheet, and cross reference the total of the people I had with the total populated in the model. This meant that I could only really bulk as much as 10-15 since any one missed meant I would need to go back through the bulk and start combing through who I may have missed. 

    Finally, I made the mistake of adding a tag with out a _ so I got two tags on an agent. When I went to remove it the same way, the model requires a manual input. This is fine, but as a feature I would love it if I could move the model or have a visibility of what currently exists on the profile. (This is more of a nice to have I know.)

    This has still saved me time, so I love it, but I know it can save me more time with these enhancements. Thanks

  • Nicholson Valderrama


    A. When filtering Agents by Roles using the drop down menu, the total agents displayed are inconsistent, even more so when there's more than 10-11+ results and the rest are paginated.

    Then when you click through the pages, page 2 will show only 3 results, then click on page 3 and there's 11 etc... (see screenshots below)

    B. When Exporting results from the search, the file download only captures the current results displayed on the screen. 


    1. Ensure that all pages consistently show the same # of results (Page 1 = 1-15, Page 2 = 16-30)
    2. When displaying the results, if there isn't 15 pages worth of results then don't display 1-15. Just display the actual # returned. (30 results = 2 Pages)
    3. When Exporting results, it should export ALL results that were part of the search/query. Its an extremely poor experience having to go to EVERY page to export all the results and then have to merge them into one after the fact.


  • Maggie St.Clair

    Definitely agree with @... about the export. I just tried to export my list of end users and was very disappointed when it only exported the one page.

    Also would love to have the ability to exclude in the search. Use case is I am looking for end users that are missing a certain tag so I would like to be able to put in the tag and then check an exclude box so that it would only return those end users that do not have that tag. 

    I see so much potential with the Super Admin tool, but it currently falls a little short in a number of areas making it not as great to use as I first thought it would be. 


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