Advanced Search app - official feature request thread


  • Reshma Patel

    It would be great if the app results can display the group name instead of the ID. It would also be useful to have the ticket form as a filter and available column. 

  • Tiffany Green

    @... Hi Reshma - good to know! I'll forward this on to the developer working on it currently and see if we can accommodate that. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Dani Magner

    Please bring back the ultra-important ability to change the result column's size (width). Super important to quickly review custom fields of tickets

  • Karun Kamal

    Hi @...

    The requested functionality of showing group names (and organization names) instead of IDs is now live. We'd love your feedback. 

    You can follow this thread for details on upcoming releases.

  • Sinisa Zubic

    When it comes to search how should somebody know that "custom field" of advanced search is mapped to "tag" filter of basic search. Also the "tag" filter of basic search is much more advanced. Actually it is really tough for our agents to use the advanced search in combination of thousands of tickets and a variety of "custom fields". It becomes basically unusable. 


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