Limit agents ability to listen to recordings


  • Annie Baker

    Our company would like to also see this functionality added to Zendesk talk. Being able to limit call recording access to designated roles would be helpful with PCI compliance. 

  • Kevin Stam

    Same here.

    We use the recordings for coaching and training (by Senior colleagues). But we don't want our Junior agents to listen to conversation of their colleagues and use them in their work.

  • Priscilla S

    Any updates on this request?

    We would also like phone recordings to only be available to admins and managers. Our agents would prefer that limitation as well.

  • Gerardo

    Hi, I agree with all the comments here, it would be ideal to have the option to limit to listen to agents the call recordings. We just need them for training and quality reasons, in this case is not the agent that should be able to listen. 

    Is there also a way to filter those tickets with recordings?


  • Syd

    +1 this would really benefit our team as we want to keep our Agent's interactions private unless needed

  • Ben

    Definitely needed!  It's a privacy concern for agents and clients, and this all or nothing approach is very strange.

    As admin/manager we need the ability to listen back for monitoring and training purposes. Also it is good for agents to be able to revisit their own recordings.

    But for agents it is weird and uncomfortable that any random colleague can listen to their conversations at any time and any place.

    Also, these conversations usually cover some deeply personal topics for our clients.

    As far as we know, no agents actually listen to other agents' conversations, but there is no way to be sure. This should not have to depend on trust and assumptions.

  • Ryan Murphy

    This should absolutely be standard.... disappointing. 

  • Gerardo


    why no community moderator of Zendesk had some thoughts on this topic?

    Can we get a feedback?


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