Feature request: Zendesk Talk - set maximum queue wait time per number



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    Joey Barrett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    May 03, 2023 Update! 

    We are happy to announce that in 2nd part of 2023, we will be rolling out improvements to our current universal queue (into Omnichannel queues). You will be able to set up multiple queues and configure wait times per queue. 


    Team Talk 


    Hi Lee,

    Thanks for the feedback, these settings are global settings right now. We will consider this feedback in the future should we explore changing them to a per number setting.


  • Manuel | Customer Service

    Hi Joey, 

    Agreeing with Lee this is a crucial Contact Center need while being in transfer towards Zendesk Talk, we weren't informed about this problem which creates our one biggest telephone line (with strict wiaint line settings) to make our smaller lines not reachable. At this moment I have to decide wether this will change our intention towards another CTI.  Can you please let me know (preferrably this week) what the due date is for this change (if there is any at all?)

    Thanks in advance, Manuel

  • Joey Barrett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Manuel,

    There is no due date for this change.

    Right now, it's not on our roadmap. 


  • Tobias Hermanns

    We also would like to get it.



  • Mark McKelvey

    We have been having this same debate internally.  The team in Europe feels that we need a shorter time while the team in the US want it longer.  If we could control it by number, it would enable us to optimize.

  • Lateesha Clark

    We would also benefit from this feature. We have one phone line supported by over 20+ agents while I have another line supported by 2 agents.  Having the customizability per number is essential and should be a basic feature.

    As others have mentioned, this is a needed feature (amongst quite a few other downfalls of Zendesk Talk) that are making us consider other CTI/VOIP providers.  

  • Leidy Bolhuis


    We have a lot of different numbers with different protocols, so setting a maximum queue wait time for each individual number is very important for us. This feature can help us implement the overflow to another call centre. 

    Is this feature already on the roadmap?

  • Joshua Bentley

    Been awhile since there has been any update on this. We would also like this feature.

  • James Beniston

    Totally agree with all suggestions here. Anything associated with managing numbers / queue's needs to be as granular as possible.

  • Nick S

    +1 on this feature. We have different teams using our instance of Zendesk and sharing the one Zendesk Talk account. We'd like to be able to customise this by team. By having it as one level across the board makes it difficult to manage when each team has different configurations (ie some with Voicemail, some overflow, some not). 

  • Moran R. Gilboa

    This is a critical feature, when utilizing a fail-over for instance, we don't want customers to wait on "priority" lines for 60 minutes, and it should be set for minutes instead, while a "questions" line without priority could logically facilitate an hour without a breakdown.

    Some organizations also have numbers for different functions/services, some are not critically impacted in the spam of 20 minutes, and others need an answer in 2 minutes, how do we tackle this? 

  • Amie

    hey Moran R. Gilboa,

    Couple of recommendations for you from my experience as a Zendesk Solutions Consultant:

    1. I would encourage you to use the callback feature. As a customer, I'd much rather request a callback than waiting in a priority queue for 60+ minutes. or any queue for that matter. - 2 results of using the callback feature are: a) Customers are not waiting in a queue for 60+ mins. b) Agents aren't overwhelmed by large influxes of incoming calls and can work through a callback list more effectively than chasing their tail with never-ending incoming calls. 

    2. You could use an IVR and in there.... anyone calling via a mobile phone can be sent a txt message with your HC URL where they can go and look for help on non-urgent issues... and then submit a ticket request from there instead of clogging up the phone lines with non-essential question. This can help you reduce the amount of calls that come in with silly questions etc.

    I've seen both of the above points work well with the situations you mention.  

    Hope this helps. :)

  • tim.sulzberger

    We would also benefit from this enhancement. It's quite baffling that it's not a feature already, as it creates a limit for sharing the zendesk instance across multiple teams. Universal max wait time is limiting us. Also related is the need to set overflow logic in a better fashion, as they are part of the same problem. We need more flexibility to set wait times and overflow thresholds


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