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  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Carlo - 

    Can you provide any additional details? Why do you wish to disable Content Cues? What problem is this causing for your organization? How significant is this issue, and how frequently does it come up? 

  • Carlo

    Hi Nicole,

    because we are not using it but we use tags a lot. When we get in the tags page in the admin panel, it makes more complicated to search and navigate the tags because it gets full of Cue_content tags that we do not need at the moment.

    Hope makes sense.


  • Fiona Witham

    I would also like to disable it. Sometimes it adds tags to a ticket after an agent has done an action (not as part of the same action) and this then affects some of our automations and triggers and stops them firing.



  • Robin Stotz

    The content_cue tags are a nuisance in reporting. It's not possible to exclude them all from reporting. I often need to exclude them one by one, which is time-consuming. Please fix the filtering so that searching for "content_cue" allows excluding all content cue tags so I do not have to exclude them individually.   

  • CJ Johnson

    This actually breaking our workflows by causing tickets to be updated randomly when tickets are pending, throwing off our automations that are based on how long a ticket has sat with "no update".  I found this trying to figure out how to turn this off so that it stops breaking workflows. 

  • Allen Fear

    The content cue tags add noise to the tags on tickets and drown out the usefulness of other tags. 

  • Cameron

    Content cues make reporting harder (as others have noted) by creating tags that are difficult to exclude when reporting on ticket volumes more generally. It's not possible to exclude anything from being picked up by content cues, which means we repeatedly see them for information that's included in the email signature for everyone in an organisation (for example) or queries that don't exist in our help center for specific reasons. The feature is at best pointless for my business and I'd like to be able to turn it off entirely.


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