Add a "Labels" column to the Articles List


  • Matthew Erickson

    Zendesk needs a way to track meta data for Guide articles with the ability to filter based on multiple Label selections. For instance if I want to see all my articles the Labels X & Y or any other combination. Currently you can only filter by one Label from the article list.

  • Mary Paez

    One of our articles is missing a label that determines when it should be verified.  Unfortunately, we cannot find that particular article since 1) we do not know its title and 2) there is no way to find an article that does not contain a label.

    We need to be able to do Not, And, and OR operations.  When will this be possible?

  • Evelina Berberi


    We are facing issues with tracking articles set without an expiration label and the addition of a column "Label" made easier the identification of such articles.
    Just for an insight: In order to find the article missing the expiration label, I duplicated the list of the Author(luckily with only 69 articles published): one with all the expiration labels and one without, I put the pages one next to the other and I cross-checked all of the articles until I found the missing article on the list without the expiration date. It took me a lot of time which could have been avoid it if the Label column could have been there, or available from any knowledge query in Explorer.

    Is Zendesk thinking to implement this in the future?



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