Counting NPS from ticket field



  • Tim G

    Hi Jani,

    Good idea!! I find myself digging into NPS stuff quite a bit, so I have something very similar going on. I basically did exactly what you said, which was to create 3 custom standard calculated metrics:


    INCLUDES_ANY([Ticket tags], ARRAY("nps_9","nps_10"))
    THEN [Ticket ID]


    INCLUDES_ANY([Ticket tags], ARRAY("nps_7","nps_8"))
    THEN [Ticket ID]


    INCLUDES_ANY([Ticket tags], ARRAY("nps_0","nps_1","nps_2","nps_3","nps_4","nps_5","nps_6"))
    THEN [Ticket ID]

    Then when you add those to explore, you want the 'count' of those metrics - so that basically gives you the total number of promoters, passives and detractors.

    Then I created a 4th custom standard calculated metric, to do the NPS math, as you mentioned. If you've already created the Passives / Promoters / Detractors metrics above, then it should auto-fill the names of the metrics as you start typing them in this 4th one:

    NPS Score metric:


    Then it should give you the NPS score for however you split it out... for example here I split it out by month based on ticket creation date, and used the actual count of promoters/passives/detractors for tooltips only:

    or you can squish it all onto one chart and have a double axis so that you can see the score, as well as how many of each type of response you had... 

    Anyway, hope that helps point you in the right direction! And apologies in advance if this needs tweaking a bit - we don't actually have an NPS field in the ticket, so I faked the above data a bit just to demo 😀

  • Jani Oksanen

    Thank you soooo much for having the time to help, this was so helpful! :) 100% what I was looking for!

  • Tim G

    No worries at all Jani - glad it worked out!


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