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    Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all, unfortunately, I have to inform you again that our work on this feature has been delayed relative to the expectation in my most recent update.

    We have been working on this feature in Q2 and will continue to work on it in Q3 and likely Q4 2023 as part of a major update to the request form.  This means that the current ETA is the second half of Q4 2023.

    The reason it is taking so long is that the current request form has several accessibility issues and we have determined that the best way to fix them is to reimplement the request form from scratch to meet Zendesks commitment to accessibility.
    Reimplementing the request form is in itself a large undertaking that requires extensive internal QA and since we are reimplementing a large surface area and fixing accessibility issues we are also having an external accessibility audit conducted before we release it.

    As with my previous update, all roadmap plans are always subject to change and only reflect our current intention and expectation.

  • Pascal Stenz

    Hi there

    Also for me it would be very important to have those searchable dropdownlists. Actually I have a field to select the country. And as you know there are many countries. And I also offer my country-list in more languages and this tends to be a problem. Because I translate it from English as main language to the other languages the alphabetic sorting changes not ( it is sorted by English). In English I have "Austria" for example and translated to German it is called "Österreich". So for this case it would be important to search through the list by keyboard entering Ö-S-T-E...

  • Anica

    Are there any updates on this feature? This would be very useful and it's kind of odd that this isn't an option already or is it and I haven't found the correct article?

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Anica - 

    As you can see, we haven't received very many votes or comments on this, so it has not made it onto the product teams' radar yet. 

  • Navraj

    Hi Nicole

    How many votes/comments are needed to land this into Product team's radar?

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Navraj - 

    We don't have a set threshold, but to give you an idea, we have about 200 requests with 20+ votes, and the top threads have votes in the 100's. We receive about 1000 new requests per month, so the team can't respond to all of them and typically looks for the things that are most business critical to the largest number of users when prioritizing where to invest time and resources. 

  • Pedro Rodrigues


    This already exists for Triggers, all that's missing are Automations and Views. It looks like a quick win, but I'm guessing it's more complicated than it seems.

  • Ayal Kellman


    This particularly painful for fields like country that have a long list of values. 

  • Mathew Luby

    agreed, this would be ideal to implement as I think its key to maximising the customer experience. Especially those creating large amounts of tickets. 

  • Alex Rust


    We have a list of 7000 entries that involve 12 digit ID numbers that aren't easily distinguished by scrolling.

  • Phil Holcombe

    The list of countries is our specific pain point. Is there any workaround, perhaps using Javascript?

  • James Molina

    Yes, this would very helpful for several clients I have as well

  • Jake Smith

    This has become somewhat of a standard across the web, and we have partners that are requesting this feature. As our business grows these lists become unwieldy. We have had to make separate country/city Ticket Fields to help fix this, which dirties up our data.

  • karl_mitchell

    Unable to add a list of products to our forms for this very reason, the list is too long. A searchable dropdown field would be amazing and given how often these are now used in everyday web platforms this should be a standard for Zendesk. 

  • Jenn Tomaszewski

    We would also love this feature. We are currently trying to bring a QA process into Zendesk, which involves a drop down list with 200+ items. We're using this form for internal employees to create a ticket to do some quality check on some other work we outside of Zendesk.

    The benefit to the drop down list is that we can report on it, if it were a text field, we couldn't report on that to find common themes. 

  • IT Admin

    Our company would really like to leverage this kind of functionality for our use of the web widget. Please add!

  • Richard Ly

    We would love to have this feature as well. 

    One example use case is that there are hundreds of error codes across multiple platforms. Scrolling through a list of error codes to find the one the customer is experiencing can be a time consuming process for our agents.

  • Siobhan James

    I think this is a pretty standard feature, and even with dropdowns where there are 3 options, find it annoying that I can't quickly jump to what I want to select by simply typing what I'm looking for.

  • Reuben Bailon


    I have several admins that need this feature. Very important for us as it is for many teams.

  • Niall Hickey

    I feel like this is a pretty straightforward lift.. This would hugely benefit a bunch of teams.

  • Sam

    This would be incredibly helpful. It already exists on the agent side, just not the end-user side. Dropdowns can be massive and nesting helps only to a certain extent. An additional request for this functionality is located here.

  • Tanya Cisco

    Yes being able to start typing in the drop downs would be greatly beneficial.  Any chance this has been looked into further yet?

  • Dave Fear

    The coding looks to have been designed already for the 'Zendesk' side of things and works beautifully for our Agents.

    Wondering how easy it would be to replicate this across to the 'Help Center' for our Customers.

    Zendesk [filters nicely]:

    Help Center // Guide : 

  • Björn Hering

    +1 I need this feature for our own customer form

  • Tobias Hermanns

    Welcome 2021, please go scroll through 180 countries.

  • Sylvain Buttazzoni

    deployed for internal use, Zendesk is used to send forms by internal collaborators.
    Some lists contain 6000 values, a manual search is difficult.
    This function is implemented on the Support / Agent side, why not use the same structure on the Guide side?

  • Bell Chen


    it is hard to scroll down the list and search the value one by one.

    Please deploy for end-user/ requester.


  • Ahmad Aoun

    Any updates on this feature?
    There are over 50 upvotes and a bunch of valid use cases here.

    I have a list of over 50 apps for customers to select from, giving them the ability to search will reduce the "New Application" selection because they are unable to find the app they need in the lost list of apps.

  • Nithiya Moulitharan

    Facing same issue in our implementations as well. We have dropdown list have more than 100+ values and its very difficult for the user to scroll through and select the right one.

    Zendesk product management team - you should not wait for getting more votes rather you need to look how much value add to the customer and address this in the upcoming releases. 

  • 半瀬 浩平

    +1 this is obviously needed by default.


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