Reset the "Did you find this helpful?" rating for revised articles


  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi everyone -

    Thanks Sorin Alupoaie, that sounds great and I hope that will prove useful to some of the users who've commented here.

    I've spoken with our product team, and aside from Sorin's app's planned functionality, the only other way to deal with this would be via our API, as mentioned in Brett's earlier comment here

  • Sorin Alupoaie

    Great news! The ability to reset article votes is now available in the the Help Center Manager app

    In just a few clicks, you can remove the "Did you find this helpful?" ratings from individual articles, selected articles or even the entire help center. No API calls, no custom development needed.

    The app has a free 14-day trial - start by signing up here.

  • Nathan Watts

    Hi, is there an update on this?  I echo the other customers in needing this feature.  When we overhaul articles we have to track the pre/post manually.

    Is this something Zendesk will be adding natively to your platform?

  • Nathan Watts

    Hi Brett.  Ive seen several threads centered around this issue and dating back to 2018/2019.  Its now 2022; has this functionality been added natively to Zendesk?  If not, was is the planned roadmap to get there.  I would assume not all organizations have the expertise to delete votes through the API.   

    Other than the 3rd party app, is this feature something that customers can expect to be added in the short term?  Or is it already live and Im just missing it?


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