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    Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all, thank you for your feedback and I'm sorry we have not been able to accommodate this request yet.

    The good news is that we are planning to start work in Q4 2023 (Oct to EOY) to fully support Custom Ticket Statuses in the Customer portal which will allow customers who want to show On-hold to end users to do so and customers who wish to keep the current configuration or an entirely different configuration one to do so.

    We are expecting to be able to release it before EOY, but as always this is only the current expectation based on the knowledge we currently have and it may change.

  • Emily McDaniel

    Hi Erin, 

    We currently use the On-hold status for tickets that have been sent to Product Management (feature request) or Engineering (bug). When clients look at their list of tickets we want them to be able to distinguish between the tickets support is actively working on vs escalated to another team. Does that make sense? 

  • Andy Krier


    We use the on-hold status to distinguish tickets that are related to a future release (new feature/bug) and it would be ideal if customers could have insight to tickets in this status. As it is now, we use a naming convention.

  • Sample User

    The on-hold status is helpful for agents managing their ticket queues. It is also extremely beneficial for end-users to manage their open tickets so they know what is actively being worked and what is awaiting a 3rd party (dev team) to resolve.

    Time and time again, Zendesk creates additional burden on agents by not doing simple things to empower end-users to gain a little more information or have a little more control on their open tickets.

    Zendesk is really only beneficial for companies that have a call center. For technology companies that partner with other companies, Zendesk greatly misses the mark. We work daily with clients on open issues, and enhancements to our product through Zendesk and the lack of end-user functionality we are able to provide to these partners is embarrassing. Insight to actual ticket statuses (like on-hold) and the abilty to create a view or export a ticket lists are the obvious must-haves that Zendesk is missing.

  • Tobias Hermanns

    But display "On-Hold" instead of Open is not enough.

    We should be able to define a Sub Status for On-Hold like:

    On-Hold -> Appointment Planned

    On-Hold -> Development Working on a Fix

    On-Hold -> Waiting you come back from Holiday

    Something like this from my point of view.



  • George Azzopardi

    Totally disagree Nicole but then again as you said you do not intend to change this, so please stop sending me emails about this thread as its a waste of time!

  • Isaiah Henry

    I disagree with Nicole as well. We should have the ability to either show Open for those that want to but for those that want the end users to be able to see the On Hold status we should be able to have that ability for our end users. 

    Not everyone works the same but based on this thread it should have been enough to warren a change in the help center. 

  • Alexis Bertin

    So, it's been more than 4 years and people are still asking for it, myself included.

    Can we stop arguing about the pros and cons (whatever it's UX wise or anything) and actually have the choice to tick this checkbox or not?

    Please implement this.

  • David Scheiner

    Hi Erin,

    Can I ask the reverse question - Why would you want to hide the on-hold status of a ticket for your customer by default. Agents would generally be unaware that this is happening unless they assume the identity of the customer. I've been using on-hold status for a while and was completely unaware that the customer saw this as Public until today.

    I use on-hold if the ticket is with a third party or if we wont be looking at this ticket this month.

    Is there any update on this issue? Can you at least make this configurable?



  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    I can see that showing "on hold" status to customers could be helpful to some zendesk accounts, but we would ask that if Zendesk decides to do this, a reminder to make this configurable! In other words, each account should be able to decide if we want this via settings.

    One step futher, we would ultimately like to decide what wording displays to the customer. For example, "Pending" status displays "Awaiting your response" to the customer. We would want to configure "On Hold" status to read "Waiting on a 3rd Party" or -- we'd want to change it as our business processes evolve.


  • Jodie Macariola

    We have been using this system for a couple of years now, and I had no idea our customers weren't seeing the same ticket status that we see for On Hold tickets.  It makes no sense.  We train our customers to know that Open means we have the next step, and that Pending (aka Waiting for your Reply) means they have the next step.

    On Hold means the ticket is On Hold and our agent does not have an immediate next step at this point.  The reason it is on hold is sometimes per our process (we are awaiting a bug fix from the software vendor) or per the customer's request (it's something they want to do in the future).

    We are a software reseller and consulting firm working with repeat customers.  Our customers need help with the software they've implemented with our help and the custom solutions we've built for them.  Many of our tickets are complex tasks with much back and forth, involving multiple people including those from 3rd parties.  And we work with the same customers over and over.  It seems like Zen Desk is less geared towards this business to business type of model.  The intent of your On Hold feature as described on this thread, the lack of views for cc'd tickets, the limited ability for customers to update tickets via the portal (a change in priority, for example), and the lack of much functionality/out of the box reporting at the Organization level (which is our customer) have limited us in how far we've been able to come with the system.

  • Derek Campbell

    Hi Nicole,

    The clear message from this thread is that people want to let their customers see when an issue is in a development backlog, as opposed to waiting on an agent's action, research, work-around, etc.

    To turn this around a bit, what would you recommend as best practice to do this without changing the ticket status?  We can create another ticket field to represent its development status, i.e. next release, release 19.1, wish list, etc.  Personally we use JIRA and it would be great to automatically expose the version number to the customer.  Is this an approach that you recommend?  Do you have a nice example to guide people on this?

  • Jill Cantrell

    Hi, I completely agree with all the posts above. Like Jodie we have been using the Zendesk system for a couple of years now, and I had no idea our customers weren't seeing the same ticket status that we see for On Hold tickets.  Having them display as "Open" gives customers the impression that we are "sitting on our hands" on certain tickets. Please get this changed as soon as possible!

  • Jeff Preager


    I use on hold for tracking purposes. My customers may have some requests/enhancements/maintenance that they will want to do in the future. Perhaps there are dependencies that need to be addressed first, budget considerations, etc.

    I log the ticket with the details and place it on hold so it's not lost. We can review it each week to determine if we want to work on it yet or leave it on hold.

    These tickets are also considered on hold from the customer's perspective and should be reflected that way in their view from the Customer Portal.

  • Rüdiger Speidel

    Hi Erin,

    the main disadvantage is, that users see tickets in state "open" while the real state is "on-hold" and admin are waiting for support of third party. The next thing user does is, they call the admins and ask why there is no progress (ticket solving) for weeks and the admins have to explain, that they are waiting for third party support.

    The best solution would be, if the states were configurable (drop down box).



  • Delegate Technology GmbH


    It would be very important for us that customers can see the "on hold" status on the portal because we use it for further releases. Right know the customer do see plenty of open tickets but most of them are not really open because are on hold. This is falsifying the overview for our customers. Is there any chance we can set that up in the code?


  • Isaiah Henry


    We have 4 different Brands with End Users that use the Help Center and this will be very helpful to our organization. 

    It would be essential for the end user to see the On Hold Status instead of just seeing Open. In the Jira application we were using before it allowed the end user to see the different statuses of the ticket so they were aware when it has been escalated to our development team (Main Reason for On Hold Status)

    If we can have the functionality in the Help Center that when an agent flips a case to On Hold that the end user see it that would be great. 



  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi all - 

    Please use the voting arrows on the original post to register your +1's and share detailed use cases in the comments. 



  • Andrew Warner

    Looking at the CSS, the ability is somewhat there. I appreciate that this might not suit all of your clients but clearly, this has affected some of your clients for a long time now. Making this change with a switch on and off seems like a logical thing to do and would help us alleviate a lot of our issues. 

  • Stassa Miller

    +1 for us

    We are a software company, we need the Zendesk product to enable us to send direct communications B2B,  We are interested in transparency! This level of communication enables us and our business partners to understand and report which aspects of our companies and products are performing successfully or need development.

    I agree with @... on configuration and status wording.  We want to be able to enable the visibility of the On-hold status to the organizations.  As well as decide what wording displays to the customer on Awaiting response as our clients evolve.

    I agree with @... It is also beneficial for internal communication that our services and development teams have transparency on the Zendesk support tab to understand the clients' concerns, sense of urgency or sense of patience.

    I agree with @..., B2B end-users need transparency, it is a must-have for them to communicate with their clients and measure their agents' performance as well as ours.  

    This applies to all tickets that need to be placed on Onh-Hold, regardless of the circumstances of the hold, the comment field describes the circumstances of the hold.  The reporting clarifies that its on-hold, not open for the client and us. As well as the wording of the status on Pending can be more direct.

    The option to make On Hold visible to end-users was over 5 years ago.  It is time for a change!  

    I'm with @....  Please advise if you now have an option for us to complete this now? Is this on the roadmap? If so, when will this be available, please? 

  • Vince Suriani

    Yeah, but @... - that seems CRAZY to have to do all that when they could just give us a STATUS of onhold just like open, closed, ect... 

    I'm going to look into the API but... I'm not using that for anything else and now I'm going to need to wire this whole thing up to just show an ON HOLD badge? Madness.

  • Agyeman Danso

    Any updates on this? We really want our end users to see the same status as the agents. Not sure why anyone would have ever created the status' to be different, it doesn't make any sense. Lets fix this please.

  • bill cicchetti

    One caveat to using the custom ticket statuses to create a "on-hold" status for clients to see in their My Activities page:  You cannot filter on "on-hold"  The tickets are still considered "Open" and show up when you filter on "Open "ticket status.  Very confusing for end-users.

  • Jake Edwards

    We use on-hold to represent "parked" tickets -- something that's not going to get actioned (usually by customer request) until, say, the following month.

    It would be nice to represent this on the customer portal to end-users.

  • MTech Systems

    We have the same use case.  On-Hold is with development/ product management.  We still need to follow-up with the customer regularly, but the Support team has done its job.  Development/ product management takes the next step and when they do the Support team takes back over.  Having the customer see this as a hand-off to another team is important.

  • MTech Systems

    Nicely stated Mike Pociask.  We're in the same situation also as a tech company.  My agents are analysts.  Comparatively, we have a relatively lower volume of tickets but many of the tickets that we do have are high-intensity issues that require a great deal of collaboration with our customers.  We know who our customers are (companies who have bought our products and services and the individual people who work for those companies) and we work with them often.  That’s the name of the game for us.

  • Roadmap Support

    I completely agree.. This is something that's really missing right now... 

  • George Azzopardi

    It is completely misleading to clients to see the ticket status is open when in fact it is on hold waiting for a third party.  I hope that ZD will update this soon especially since it should not be something that big to update.

  • Nick Baker


    For the same reasons as detailed above. We hold backlogs of tickets on behalf of clients, we want them to see On Hold when they are in the backlog and we change the status to Open when a ticket is being worked on for the next release.

  • Pascal Turmel

    +1 - Same as Everyone. We want to leverage the "On Hold" Status to differentiate other open with Support vs. on Hold pending R&D / Engineering. Since there is no Zendesk functionality to add Custom Status, this is the only option to make this clear to our Customers about the difference in the status of their cases. What is the roadmap / timeline to have this option changed or provide either option to show it as Open or Show it like Agent view ? Can this be customized through any JavaScript? Thanks


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