Scheduled Delivery of Explore Dashboards


  • Wesley Shi

    This would be a useful feature. Is it on the roadmap yet?

  • Tina Yates

    Very useful as it will be causing an inefficiency within my workload, one that I don't currently have.  Same question as the previous comment, is it on the roadmap yet?

  • Eugene Orman
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi, Thank you for the feedback.

    It is a very good idea, sending the schedule only on the weekdays will make sense to most of the users. This feature is not on the roadmap yet. We have added it to our backlog. 

  • Ana-Alicia S.

    Hope this comes soon as having the option would be key. For us, it is beneficial information during the week but not so much over the weekend. 

  • James Gross

    I would like to vote this request up. I already have enough emails to work through on Monday morning, let alone clearing out the blank Explore reports from our scheduled sends. Thanks for considering!

  • Iris Edwards

    Any update on this, Zendesk Support?


  • Peter Paul van Dijk

    Hi Zendesk support, do you have an update on this?


  • Tawnya Cavanaugh

    I also vote for this idea. This would be so useful. Any update on this in the roadmap?


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