Attaching email string to appropriate deal


  • Jay Clementson

    Hello Dominique,

    I have to be honest, I laughed when I saw your post because I reached out to Zendesk Sell a year ago for this same issue. Since this is one of Zendesk Sells' shortcomings I have found a way around this. 

    Step 1: Stop trying to keep the deals clean by removing the emails that are not a part of that deal, it will cause you constant stress and frustration. 

    Step 2: Find an identifying aspect of the deal and incorporate that into your email subject line - then you need to let your customer know to only responded to the correct email. I work with a lot of contractors and designers so I added the job name to my subject lines. That has helped me manage each deal. 

    Step 3: Assume anything development-related will not be addressed in a short time - we have reached out on numerous system improvements that go back years and the response is always, "it's on our road map but we cant tell you when it will be implemented."

    I hope this helps you manage this shortcoming and I will be excited to see this updated but I am not holding my breath. 

    Thank you,

  • Emma Nightingale

    I have also asked for this on numerous occasions as we have multiple deals per customer. 


    We would like it to work the same as Zendesk support where all deals are treated as a "ticket" and the email correspondence from the deal only shows that of the relevant deal.

  • Nick Wurm


    This is a major shortcoming for Sell communications.

    No feedback from Zendesk suggests this isn't going to be taken care of anytime soon.

  • Property Manager

    I am wondering guys, how do you manage to use the 'inbox' tool when all the emails come in as separate entries and not as a string of emails in one communication.


    I end up with so many 'entries' under one deal. Most of them not relevant, it's spamming the deal and makes it impossible to use. 


    I think I will just have to leave are revert to my previous CRM

  • Jay Clementson

    Hello Dominique, 

    I will chime in because I foresee Zendesk not having an answer for this. Your question is something I deal with regularly if I understand your question. I play detective and dig into why this person is reaching out and who they are associated with. Once I figure that out I will add the associated contact to the Sell Deal so all future emails from that contact will be connected to the deal card through association. 

    I hope that helps and I understand why you will revert back since Zendesk didn't think the communication side through very deep. 



  • Remco van Nierop

    Hello guys,

    I was wondering if there has been any progress on this topic? We experience exactly the same having multiple deals for just one contact and it is impossible to keep the deals 'clean'...


  • Patrycja Walencik
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all, 

    Thank you for your feedback and for highlighting the importance of this functionality. We are aware that today it doesn't work in line with the expectations, and we will try to include a solution in our next year's development plan. We appreciate your patience.


  • Remco van Nierop

    Dear Patrycja,

    A year has passed since your last reply. Since this is a major shortcoming for our way-of-work, I really hope there is some progress here?



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