Feature Request: Automatically Adding Colored Notes in Articles Based on Article Keyword


  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    @..., I appreciate that you are taking steps to make feature requests from past posts, but the posts you linked to are community tips that were written by myself and a member of one of my past teams.  We weren't writing them as feature requests but as ways to demonstrate how users can use their Help Center to highlight information more effectively. 

    What is the problem you are trying to solve?  Shared experience in the community is important in making sure that we can identify the right feature requests to promote or the right tips to contribute.  In my case, we needed a way to highlight information in a way that was noticeable for our team, so we found a way to simplify that for our team and shared those results.  What is your experience and how do you suggest that Zendesk help you solve for that?

  • Alejandro Colon


    Thank you for your feedback. 


    Concerning your first paragraph, I completely understand that those were written as Community Tip and that the intention was not to write them as feature requests.


    As per your second paragraph, I am not quite sure if you are asking me the questions or you were asking the question and answering yourself. I am also not sure if you are questioning why I went back and added these feature requests or about this specific feature request. But, I will base my response as if you are asking me those questions. 


    If your question was in regard to this specific feature request.

    While I like the ability to adjust some of the Zendesk products to meet my specific needs I believe that your Tip would be useful to many others. This would include Zendesk users that are not savvy with HTML and CSS. The way you implemented this seems like it would be fairly easy to implement by Zendesk without affecting other items. I do not believe that all Zendesk users must have a background in web design to implement what are relatively simple additions to their environment. 

    I would like it if Zendesk would add the ability to highlight articles or pieces of articles by use of keywords without the need for me to implement CSS and HTML changes. 

    If all you meant to ask was about this specific feature request then you can stop here. The following is more for the Community Team than anything else. 


    If your question was in regard to why I created feature requests from old Tips. 

    As you mentioned, Shared Experience is very important to make sure that the right feature requests are promoted and/or the right tips are created. The issue is that the current implementation of posting a boilerplate response to any question that would require a feature request is stagnating the shared experience of this community. Instead of posting the same thing to someone that has a question about the platform we should at least do 3 things. 1st provide an explanation that their request is not possible using the built-in Zendesk features. 2nd provide a link to a feature request regarding their question or create a feature request on their behalf. Doing this would allow the community to vote on the feature requests they would like to see instead of just the feature requests that people arbitrarily decided to put in. 3rd provide a link to any known workarounds regarding their question. 

    The current boilerplate response semi-takes care of the 1st item. Does not do anything for the 2nd item. And sometimes the responder will post a link to some helpful information. 

    So, to answer the question of what I am trying to solve: overall it is the underlying cause of the current atmosphere of this community. I consistently see the same questions and the same responses over and over again, with no regard to addressing why the questions come up over and over again. Many of these questions and frustrations users have could be addressed before they even get to the point of posting in the community. But, also they could be handled better once they are here. 

    My personal opinion on what Zendesk should do to solve this is fairly straight forward. 

    Each Feature Request should be posted in the feedback topic and a new "workaround" topic. 

    This would add the ability to separate the support from the workarounds presented, while at the same time providing one place for all of the workaround information to be posted. This would allow a response to a user asking about something that is already a feature request to be directed to 2 different places. A place where they can show their support of the feature request and a place where they can get information in regards to a workaround. 

    In my opinion, the current boilerplate response fails to address all of the main reasons why someone has posted a question in the first place. 

    As a secondary benefit, this would also allow the community to consolidate all of the duplicate questions and responses. This would then allow the Product Managers to get a better understanding of the community requests. 

    As a tertiary benefit, this would hopefully address the user's question in a way that has the least amount of frustration for the user. I have seen so many posts where the user is frustrated at the response they received or lack thereof. I would also include myself in that bucket. 

  • Jennifer Garcia

    This would definitely be useful as a standard option when editing and creating new articles. I'm not familiar with coding so it avoids any errors or back and forth with me having to take up another team member's time. 

  • Kalle Windefalk

    Agree with @...

  • Joyce Yang

    Adding call out is a feature in both confluence and hubspot. I'm very surprised and sad to see that it's not in Zendesk.


    Also not very user friendly to always go to edit code to add those call out blocks for every single article :(

  • Shona

    As per pervious comments, I am one of those Admin people that is not great with coding.  I spend weeks trying to work out what I need to do and where to put the coding.  All while hoping, I don't break something.

    To have an option in the Formatting Tool Bar would be great.  Which would allow me to take our simple Help Centre from good to great.

  • Katarzyna Karpinska
    Zendesk Product Manager

    I can confirm that adding predefined callouts is on our long-term roadmap. We'll start with the callouts added manually while creating content but we might explore their automation in one of the next steps. 


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