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  • Vincent

    I'm in the same situation, having a service translated into 7 languages I suffer from the lack of Zendesk features to handle ALIASES of languages.

    For instance the french version should be set up with an alias to fr-be, fr-ca, fr-ch so that all french speaking users can see the same articles. 

    The same issue applies for EN-US and EN-UK, EN-CA...

    But also spanish users speak spanish in spain but also in tens of countries in LATAM...

    Zendesk is very popular and I'm very surprized such feature doesn't exist.

    Hope you can take care of this ASAP. I'm sure more clients don't complain here but would appreciate too.


  • Thomas Reyskens

    Same problem here, now it's a lot of work just to change te language key.. This should be a simple task

  • Oliver Cyples

    +1 for this, we have a couple of years worth of content on a centralised knowledgebase, being able to change it would be better than needing to copy all the articles.


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