Ability to export filtered list of articles from Manage articles


  • Christian Colding

    Hi Chandra,

    Interesting feature request. I am trying to understand the underlying use case of the request. To me it sounds like you want a way to see what has been reviewed and by whom.

    Let's say that we added in the ability for articles to go through a review process and then adding the state and the author/editor/reviewer to the overview would that negate the need for being able to export a list of articles? Or is there other use cases that you believe would be solved by exporting a list?

  • Chandra Mullineaux

    Hi Christian,

    I guess it's a little more complicated than that. I'm not talking about a review in terms of a workflow before an article can  be published. Here are a few examples:

    • In KCS you are supposed to periodically have people do audits of published content. I would like to be able to give Reviewer A a list of specific articles for them to review, for example, and have a column in that list where they could write a score for the article, another column where they could write some notes about the article, etc.
    • In KCS we also need subject matter experts to periodically review articles by subject matter and figure out which ones should be combined, which ones are duplicates, instances where we have several articles that are all about a specific area that warrant more investigation by our development team or more in depth multi-media training materials for our customers, etc. Right now someone can scroll through the list but there is no way to compile any notes along with the list without manually copying and pasting the title and URL of each article into a spreadsheet or something. 
    • I'm also looking for a way to make up for the lack of any real reporting functionality for KB articles in Zendesk. In particular, if we could include the hit counts, number of subscriptions, labels, author, and other data in the "views" we see of these the articles and then export them, it would allow us to slice and dice the data in Excel.

    I figure we could probably do what I'm talking about with a custom app that utilizes the Help Center API but our internal resources do not have the time to work on something like this and I'd rather not spend the money to hire someone to do it. It seems like pretty basic functionality that should be included in the application in my opinion, and it was included in our previous ticketing/support site application.  



  • Alanna Shevak

    We would be very interested in similar functionality to account for the number of articles and to help track which ones need to be updated. 

  • Sheila Duscher

    Yes, I agree. This is a MUST needed feature. Please allow us to export the full list of our Articles from Manage Articles as a CSV or Excel file. 

  • Samantha Flaherty

    We really need this setting up - I can't give out the 'Manage help centre' role option to all staff as we need agents to only see articles within their teams / shared articles. 

    I mentioned several times in the beta that we need to be able to give agents access to 'manage articles' depending on their agent groups so they can generate article lists and keep on top of things. 

    In the interim, a CSV download of the lists I can see would be a great help to get them started. 

  • Mary Paez

    We also can utilize this very basic KCS feature without having to assign Manage articles access to all Support Engineers!  In addition, I have to provide a list of articles to each Support Engineer on what they need to publish (all Draft articles).  I have to go one-by-one to create an Excel spreadsheet of each of the articles and provide a link for each.  Would be nice to query - export the list with URLs to a .csv file and send it off!

  • Comcast

    We are new to this platform and are working through how to make our content best in class for our end users.  Having the ability to pull a report of all articles, status, along with last update along with the number of views by end users vs agents would be terrific.

  • Karen Schneider

    I would like this feature too.

  • Bruno Roberto Trettel

    I'm with Karen and others. We would like this feature too.

  • Kirsten Flores

    Has there been any progress on this feature request? I would also like the ability to export in order to track routine maintenance of our Knowledge Base. 

  • Katie Yoder

    This would also benefit our team.  We are trying to implement a review process for our help articles to ensure content remains up to date and relevant in addition to investigating articles about the same workflows for improvement and new feature opportunities.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey all - 

    How frequently would you need to run this report? 

  • Katie Yoder

    A monthly report would be great for our team.  Less frequently would be workable but not ideal.

  • Sarah Holdgrafer

    I would also use this function at LEAST quarterly, if not monthly. 

    Also, we about to extend our help center to have unique help center access for Canada, Australia, and the UK. Having the ability to have a spreadsheet with all of our articles (potentially organized by section and with their labels included) would be a huge help in the process of determining which articles need what labels, as our labeling strategy will be, partly, about what articles need to go where (since not all articles apply to all countries)


  • Maria Andersen

    We have the same issue. Before a release, we need to go through all our articles to make sure we've got everything updated in guides. We really need a way to either:

    1) download Article title and Article URL for ALL currently published articles so that we can manage the audit of release ourselves

    2) go through an audit of all articles inside of zendesk to mark and assign those that need to be updated

    Especially as a Guide Pro user, this is just a completely lacking feature.

  • Ryan McGrew
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey All,

    I think there's a few things going on in this thread, so I'd like to take a moment to respond.

    Firstly, when it comes to data export there are a couple options but unfortunately none are as easy as clicking Export to CSV in the UI:

    Secondly, for managing updates to articles, a number of customers have mentioned Assignment and Team Publishing workflow. This functionality was built to help with such tasks. Additionally, on Guide Professional, consider using Labels to manage your workflow states and building shared lists based on labels to manage these articles. I'd also encourage you to enroll in the current Bulk Article Actions EAP which should help in managing these labels and other things across multiple articles.

    Thirdly, there's a request to review and de-duplicate content. We're working on functionality this quarter that we expect be available in an Early Access Program that will allow you to set verification status, ownership and a timeline to re-verify content with notifications. This will hopefully, help you manage when and who needs to re-verify content on your team.

    Fourthly, there's a request to allow agents into the knowledge base without giving them the permission "Can manage Guide". We currently have new permission functionality in an early access program. More on that here

    So while, we haven't tackled the button to export to CSV, I hope we're providing some functionality that's getting to core of the actual use case. 

  • Mary Paez

    Another feature that would be very helpful to others:  Searching based on variable criteria & setting the visible fields.  For example, I would like to get a list of all the Draft articles for a particular agent or team of agents and determine if each of these articles has the proper labels (for Answer Bot and other reasons).  Right now I cannot do that.  I have to send this report to the Agents.

    The reason exporting to a csv is important (for many) is that we can use our own criteria to filter through all the articles to find exactly the subset of articles we need.  The ability to customize the columns of info combined with the ability to export the data (to manipulate) makes it much easier for us to get the reports we need.

    Most metrics appls provide a way to export the data.  It is very important we have this ability.


  • Alexander Rexroad

    I don't think this is a feature request, but an obvious core requirement for anyone doing any sort of web content management. 

  • Dillon

    Would also like to formally request our interest in adding this feature for auditing purposes.

  • Marissa Zugec, pmp

    Our team would also like to be able to report in Guide with more flexibility on what criteria and content to show, such as pulling a view/list of articles by creator/editor, dates, including tags, etc

  • Sara Gardinier

    Is there any update to the feature request of being able to export a csv (especially one that contains url links) for articles? 

    I'm truly bewildered that this is not built-in functionality. I don't need the article content, just a list of the articles with links out to the actual article and perhaps columns others have suggested like "last updated" or tags or something. 

    This doesn't seem that complex, you're storing all this information somewhere, it should be easier for us to access.

  • Whitney Mitchell

    Just another plea for this basic reporting functionality! 🙏🖤🙏 We really, desperately need the ability to pull all article titles, categories/sections, and labels. Nice-to-haves would be links to the articles, last updated date, and maybe number of views over a given time period. I know you store all this info already, as that fact is what allows me to create a spreadsheet that I have to manually update... Please consider building out this functionality/making this info more accessible and user friendly!

  • Mary Paez

    My request was from 3 years ago.  We really should be able to have this functionality in the Manage Articles UI!

  • sorin

    Hi everybody,
    I am working on an app that enables you to export a list of Help Center articles to CSV.
    It will be released soon, at no cost for all the requests coming from this thread.
    You can register for early access here.

  • Nairobi

    Zendesk, I understand that downloading entire KB article content can be seen as a step to migrate away from Zendesk. However, being able to download a list of KB articles in Zendesk is something that cannot be seen as a risk of losing customers. By preventing such an action you are making it difficult for your customers to manage their data. In my case, the only reason for being able to export the kb articles list and link is to have my team review the articles and mark them as reviewed. You may give me some alternative to get this done from within Zendesk but I prefer doing it the old fashioned way. If you can provide options for csv for ticket exports and other reports then what is the issue with exporting the csv for KB articles list?

    If you think such methods help you to hold on to customers, then please think again. Customer can always look for better options and services offered by your competition.


  • Matthew Erickson

    I was looking for a way to export a list of article titles with the associated Labels applied to each. We are trying to look for themes in our articles and how each performs, helpfulness wise.

  • Maria Andersen

    In case this is useful to anyone else, we use APIs to get the list of article names and URL for each in a csv. We just run the API script before each release.

  • Krista Zaloudek

    Having a simple and native export to CSV feature for Guide articles would be a huge help! We have security limitations and are not able to use external app providers.

    As mentioned before, the fields that we would want to include are: title, labels, text, url, sections (where the article is placed), date of creation, date of verification. (Content block, links, and images used within the articles would be great additions as well!)

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi everyone,
    Just a reminder to upvote ideas that you're interested in – thanks!
  • John Baker

    Hoping that after 5 years this request is still being considered.

    Tip: The list of results from the Manage Articles screen does copy/paste nicely into Google Sheets and the Articles are linked to the Zendesk pages. We've found that helpful in a pinch, but it's still not an ideal workflow.

    As others have mentioned, a true article export would be really helpful in conducting content audits and managing large-scale content update projects. The current review workflows are fine for day-to-day tasks of managing content (author>review>publish>update). But, I think what we're really after is a way to analyze content from a macro perspective. 

    We're using the Zendesk APIs to help accomplish what we need for now, but there's a fair bit of customization and tweaking and it's never quite what we needed. 


    Report with the following columns:

    • Article Title (linked)
    • Available Translations
    • Author 
    • Section
    • Category
    • Labels

    We use this spreadsheet to keep track of translation coverage. Folks can also filter on columns to review a subset of content they may be responsible for. For Author, Section, and Category, we need to make sure that we've mapped the IDs that the API returns to the actual values (tedious). We might also take an export and add new columns for a specific project, like mapping articles to related training materials that are not in Zendesk.

    Another report we've needed (and I'm wrapping up building) is a way to search article content for specific things (text, attachments, etc). Example of how we are using this report: A legacy translation issue came up so we needed to quickly find articles with specific text, and then assign those articles to one of several different writers to assess how the content might need to change. There are over 120 articles to assess, and this isn't a simple search and replace since the translation may be appropriate in some cases. I can save a list in the Manage Articles screen, and I can share the list (to all admins and agents which is not desired), but I can't track and report progress (status, assessment, etc) in that list. The current review tools are lacking for larger content initiatives.


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