Enhance Explore to allow reporting on Suspended Tickets


  • PT Dadlani

    Is there a way to report on Suspended tickets?

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi fellownarrator,

    There is not currently capability ro report on suspended tickets in Explore. However, you can pull information about them via the API. Here's the Zendesk API documentation on suspended tickets

  • Tim Obrien


    Some basic metrics (say over time, by category, source, etc) on what is being placed into Suspended Tickets (and their categories) would be beneficial to the metrics driven (or aiming to be) customers of Zendesk. Pawning off the business need by pointing to the API, when most customers do not have the capability in house to write the code for using the API is highly disappointing as a response and provides a negative light on your product team not listening to the customers’ needs. Your tooling is placing the tickets in Suspended Tickets, your tooling could easily provide metrics for all customers.  

  • Lawrence Dye

    Not only would this be beneficial as previously mentioned, but downright necessary.

    Lack of reporting on any kind of ticket for a customer support application is a distinct flaw.


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