Explore report on macro usage


  • Nobuhiro Kobayashi

    This has been open for several years. It would really help understanding how frequent the type of macros our members are using for better analytics. 


    Will there be an update about this soon?


  • Merayah Williams

    Is there any update on when this macro usage reporting will be available in Explore? we have been using this new reporting tool for some years now and I am concerned that we still cannot pull this data accurately.

    I have created some reports to try and capture this data using the tags, however the "Time" options do not cover ticket update by agent or assignee, you have to end up choosing between a ticket created / solved date only which means either way your data is inaccurate.


  • Casey Keefe

    Hi Zendesk! Is there any way to create a query in Explore where I can view (and access) all ticketID's that used a specific macro (such as with the macro ID)? Thank you!

  • George Sokar

    Macros Are important for support, and figure out Macros usage per ticket is crucial for performance assessment, 

    Although I am using Tags, I can get only the tickets that used the Macros. I am looking to get how many times this macro is used per every ticket. 

    I believe ZD product team should consider better utilization for Macros using Explore



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