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    Joey Barrett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Cyn,

    Thanks for the feedback, greetings are completely customisable and something we encourage companies to do to incorporate your own branding. You could use the hold music to advertise other services you offer or mention your company name once more.

    If you want to use our default greetings and edit them to a shorter version or one that has no musical riff then you can download them from here and edit as you wish. You will then need to re-upload the edited versions and use these instead of the default greeting.

    Here is An editing tool you could use to edit your audio files.

    The format I recommend you save the audio as: Mp3 160kbps 44.1Khz.


  • Julian Sanchez

    Joey, thank you for sharing the link. Does this track have a title name?


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