Visitor Tag Should be Coloured like red text



  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi JISL,

    Can you elaborate on why you need to change the colour of the tag? What are you trying to achieve by having different tag colours?

    There are no plans to offer this functionality anytime soon but understanding what you are trying to accomplish would be useful if/when we do decide to offer that level of customisation. 



  • JISL

    1) previous tag -indicate last chat is pending it may red or blue, so that from 1000s of big list easily concentrate.

    2) name tag - in case visitor only add his name and left , next time i can view without open, visitor popup box

    3) referring tag - in case suppose visitor from Wikipedia, or social site then is colored as blue.


    like this if we create 4-5 custom tag from trigger then it should easily view. eg :  A tag is red, B tag is blue, C tag is yellow, in short tag differentiation is easy.


  • Steven E, Gagnon


    Has there been any movement on this?

    I am looking to color-code a request type in a field

    For example Dropdown 1st item = purple (Open icon), Dropdown 1st and 2nd item = Gray, Hat trick = Green


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